Documentary for the airline “Volga -Dnepr” - “Welcome to Paradise”


Papua New Guinea

Documentary for the airline “Volga -Dnepr” - “Welcome to Paradise”

140 years ago a Russian ship discovered the land of New Guinea. The local population studied Russian language and worshipped Nikolay Miklukho-Maklay, the pioneer world traveler. 140 years later, history has repeated itself with a new generation of Russian pioneers arriving on the island to once again support the development of the island and its people. From the skies arrived a giant Russian aircraft. Local inhabitants stood in amazement as they watched this great white bird land in the wilderness of the Papua jungle. To this day, reality merges with fairy tale in Papua New Guinea. A gigantic white bird destined to come and change this world... To help unlock natural resources that provides employment, education and opportunity In Papua New Guinea, ancient legends still come true...

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