Innovative technology of remote control for personages playme

Erases the boundaries and the distances to give a way to a qualitatively new two-way communication.
Forms qualitatively new, unique consumer products.


Communication project participants
  • Video, Audio signal
  • Mobile connection
  • Computer
  • Hands free
  • Web camera


Innovative direct online broadcast lets the operator move freely in space, and at the same time carry out a direct video transmission.

PlayME Technology gives the operator a possibility to be in the center of the events.

On viewer’s side the technology enhances the participation effect.
Sochi Olimpic Flamestop!

Sochi Olimpic Flamestop!

"Serebryanaya Svadba" Band

"The Retuses" Band

at event

PLAYME technology offers everyone to become a witness or a participant of any kinds of parties and special events in Moscow without even leaving home.

Anyone can easily attend an event when being connected to the operator, and can not only observe what is happening, but also influence on the world around them by giving some commands to the operator.

Thus, the operator(guided) becomes a virtual representative of the customer (host).
PlayMe in Seattle online!

PlayMe in Seattle online!

Exhibition Visiting

Exhibition Visiting


Worldwide interactive on-line store visiting, with quality audio-video
consultations and possibility to purchase the goods!

The new way of shopping, faraway from you!
Shopping Me_Test 2

Shopping Me_Test 2

Shopping Me_Test 1

Shopping Me_Test 1


Our team consists of media professionals, including those producing various video-content for television and cinema.

We expand the boundaries in visualization, easily experiment with the newest technologies and think freely and globally.
Bringing together the time,
the space, the people and the beauty.